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With Alibaba making waves in China’s staid financial sector, banks have every reason to be worried. But there are signs that Alibaba is also worried �C about Tencent, the company behind the popular WeChat messaging app that is now muscling into the financial space, writes Simon Rabinovitch.

The WeChat challenge is similar to the threat Instagram once posed to Facebook. While Alibaba has been the

dominant ecommerce company on PCs, WeChat has made such big ioads on smartphones that it now has the ability to take a bite out of the mobile ecommerce market. “Alibaba’s dominance in the PC era cannot be fully carried over to the mobile era,” says Alex Wang, an analyst at internet consulting group iResearch.

Tencent is waging a multi-front war against Alibaba. In August, it launched a payment tool on WeChat, taking aim at Alipay, Alibaba’s lucrative online payment service. It has also tied its Yixun online shopping site to WeChat, trying to create a mobile alternative to Alibaba’s ecommerce site Taobao.

Just this week Tencent invested in Howbuy, an online trading platform for mutual funds, in what could be a precursor to its launching an investment product like Alibaba’s Yu’E Bao.

Alibaba is fighting back. In August it announced that Taobao merchants would no longer be able to advertise QR codes, the digital bar codes, linked to external websites. Alibaba says this癫痫治疗多少钱 was done to prevent spam and fraud, but analysts believe the bigger concern was WeChat’s use of QR codes to power its payment platform, effectively taking transactions away from Taobao.

Earlier this month Alibaba also started charging PC users for Alipay transactions, but kept its payment services free on phones. With this move, it is trying to encourage its customers to shift to mobile and so prevent WeChat from gaining more ground.

There has been mudslinging, too. Alibaba and Tencent have accused each other of writing negative reports about the other company to sully their rival’s reputation.

Asked about the intensifying battle, both say they welcome it. “Competition will only serve to raise the bar in terms of user experience,” says Florence Shih at Alibaba.






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篇二:2 评论或叙述型作文模板

说明 1:评论一个社会现象的作文模板,(...............)均为可替换内容,需要自己写的

2:句式有些和观点比较型的一样,句式可自由组合,,觉得不合适有些可以不要,自行加入其它的,同时注意字数不要超过160,这两种文章题材其实没有太大差别. 3:作文题目是2017预测作文,写一篇关于微信对的要求如下:

1. 目前微信很流行

2. 微信流行的原因(各种功能)

3. 微信的展望

The pastcouple of years have witnessed the prevalence在过去的这些年里证明了一个值得注意的社会现象

of a noteworthy social phenomenon that (....most of people use wechat on the mobile phone.....) .It should be noted that 那就是很多人在手机上使用微信。 应该注意的是这样的事件 such happenings hav哈尔滨中亚癫痫病医院好吗e already been brought into public 引起了广泛的关注。


It is no difficult job for us to come up with some possible factors that underlie the above complicated phenomenon.For one thing, (.....it is very easy for all people to use wechat, although you couldn't spell word in the mobile

phone, you could send voice message to others......)For another, (......the wechat is free,all over the world peoplecould use.....). Above all one more important factor worth our concern is that (........wechat is popular with.......).

Given the current issue, the whole society should take it 考虑到当前的问题,全社会都应该重视它,并采取相关行动。 seriously and take relevant actions.

Our government of various levels could make relevant plans or 我们的各级政府应该制定相关的计划或规则,去指导人们过上幸福的 rules to guide all to live a scientific and proper life.


(.....Therefore, we can draw a conclusion the wechat could achieve international communication and more foreigner to use it......).



Underlie:V 成为....的基础,位于...之下

Complicated:adj 复杂的,难以理解的





Nowadays, WeChat has been a part of our life. It is becoming more and more popular with young people because of the following advantages.

遂宁治疗儿童癫痫病哪的医院比较好>First, we can communicate with our friends by sending words and expressions very quickly. Second, we can share pictures, music and videos with them. Third, we can not only send voice messages to them but also speak to them directly. Besides, we can use it in any time. Last but not least, we use it for free and can save money.

In my view, although WeChat has improved our lives, it should be used properly. We shouldn’t lose ourselves in it.



Dear sir,

I’m writing to you to express my opinions of English reform.

As we know, it has been a long history since Chinese students began to learn English. Students learned a lot about English. They may get good grades in English exams, but they couldn’t talk with foreigners in English fluently. That is called Dumb English.

It’s time to say goodbye to Dumb English. I think English reform is necessary. We should learn to use English instead of only learning English. We should pay more attention to speaking and listening.

Yours sincerely




哪家癫痫医院相对专业Do you like watching talent shows? There are more and more talent shows in recent years. These programs are very wonderful and I like them very much. They not only make people’s spiritual life much richer, but also provide chances for common people. But they also bring some bad influences. Some students spend too much time watching the programs, which is bad for their study. Some young people even give up their study and wait for success by taking part in these programs. I think we should regard these programs in a right way.

4.Recently Renmin University did a survey about if you would help an elderly person who has fallen .Here is the result of the survey.

Every coins has two sides. Different people have different thoughts about this thing. Most of the people would like to help the older people when they are in need. However,few people thought it depends on the situation. Only eight percent of the people said they wouldn’t help the old people of course they have their own reasons. Here are some reasons about why they didn’t want to help elderly people.

More people fear of getting into trouble others said they lack of professional skills even some people thought it’s none of my business.

In my eyes,I think it’s my pleasure to help the old people. Helping others is helping ourselves, As long as everybody try their best to make it possible to help elderly people, the world will be more beautiful and it will shorten the distance between people. All in all let’s go into an action!

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